Much Needed Accessories

Jan. 15, 2017

3 Complimentary accessories For Your Everyday Attire

By: Mister Millage

On a daily basis, people typically cannot leave home without having three main essentials; phone, keys, wallet. If we are missing one of those items we instantly feel naked. I’m pretty sure it’s how Obama felt when he had to run back into the White House to retrieve his cellular device. 

However, there are at three MAJOR accessories that you should wear to add to some extra “UMPF” to your everyday outfit; eyewear, headwear, and wrist wear. I mean, THINK ABOUT IT, almost every fashion icon, sports champ, or pop star, that you admire, looks so stylish when they wear these classic, street accessories. Take a look at Bruno Mars!

Not only does this jive guy utilize these necessary accessories, but so does Future, Drake, Auntie ‘Yonce, Pharrell, Justin Timberlake, Lebron James, Johnny Deep, Taylor Swift , Queen Elizabeth…. the list goes on and on!

In case you need assistance on what accessories to wear, and how to wear them, feel free to keep reading this post.  


1.  Eyewear

Whether it’s reading spectacles, sunglasses, or simply fashionable frames, eyewear can add a PIZAAZ to any outfit. The classic clubmaster is the perfect frame for an everyday look. Whether it’s sunny out or you’re trying to close a business deal, this is the go-to frame.

Take a look at Blake Scott (@blakescott) 

Take a look at Blake Scott (@blakescott) 

When it comes to spectacles, the goal is to look stylish. If you can't afford the Ray-Ban Clubmaster, feel free to hop on over to Etsy and find some that won't necessarily break the bank.

 2.  Headwear

There are numerous different styles of hats to choose from when it comes to headwear; fedora, panama, paper/news boy, beanies, and infamous “dad” hat, etc. For my daily look, I would typically choose to wear a paperboy hat; however, the daily look for most is now a pair of joggers, your favorite graphic tee, and a dad hat. Just take a look at King Kanye. 

  *I pray that Kim K. doesn’t leave you either*

 *I pray that Kim K. doesn’t leave you either*


3.  Wrist Wear

Now for the wrist wear… I LOVE wrist wear! I’m all about wearing handmade bracelets and shiny watches that compliment my outfit. First off, bracelets can be found in many different shapes, sizes, and colors. I typically look for local brands, or markets, and pick my favorites from their collection and that showcase unique craftsmanship and technique. Check out one of my newest, favorite bracelet shops, Thirty Fifty Co. Watches can be a little tricky. The watch that you choose to wear should depend on the other accessories; shoes, belt, bag, and etc.

Check out our Founder Mister Millage (@mister_millage) during his latest photoshoot with Dlores Photography (@dloresphoto).  

Check out our Founder Mister Millage (@mister_millage) during his latest photoshoot with Dlores Photography (@dloresphoto).  

Just be sure to wear browns with browns and blacks with blacks. However, with your silver and gold accessories, you can definitely mix and match.  

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